Local/Domestic Projects:

Engaging At-Risk Youth Community Service Learning and Mentoring

The community service and mentoring program assists at-risk youth in becoming active citizens in their community by engaging them in the philanthropic activities. The program teaches these youth valuable life skills such as teamwork, responsibility, and community integration.

Youth volunteer with various agencies within the community as well as with our Gillette Stadium Concession program. In this program, participants are taken to Gillette Stadium where they set up concession stands, sell products, and provide customer service. Participants learn how to manage small business and how to work effectively with customers and other employees.

Youth participating in the program are assigned a mentor who ensures that projects are being implemented and completed successfully. The mentor also provides support and guidance throughout the program.

Overall, this program gives these youth opportunities for them to feel a sense of belonging and connectedness that heads to stronger, more resilient youth with an increased commitment to academics as well as overall healthier communities.

The program is now in its 3rd year. Hope for Children partners with the Gateway Program at Massasoit Community College and the Local Workforce Investment Board in the facilitation of this program.

Vocational Program

This program trains students on video production. They learn everything from how to put a television show together to how to handle cameras and behind the scenes production. This program has provided participants theamazing opportunity to be able to work and interact with a variety of successful people in the community. 

Brockton Blooms Project

In this new initiative, students learn how to cultivate and harvest sustainable plants and crops. They are then offered an opportunity to market their finished product to the public. This project is supported by the biology department at Massasoit Community College, who provides the land, the seeds, and further supervision. Just like the crops that they plant, this program helps participants to bloom into productive members of the community!

International Projects:

Current Project: Sierra Leone Well Project - Donations Needed!

Hope for Children is aiming to build a well in Kalia Village, a small community in Sierra Leone. This well will be a sorely needed source of clean drinking water for all. Any small donation will help. https://www.gofundme.com/hope-for-children-well-project

Current Project: Nigerian School Project – Donations Needed!

Hope for Children is currently looking for funding to build a school on a 20 acre plot of land in Osun State Nigeria. The school will be an amazing and necessary addition to the community, providing the homeless children a place to learn and grow.

Nigeria Women’s Agricultural Project

In this project, women are empowered to utilize their agricultural skills as our volunteers teach them more modern technology to improve crops, thereby creating more jobs and increasing overall food supply. 

Sierra-Leone Street Feeding Project

In this project, volunteers reach out to children on the streets of Sierra-Leone by providing them with hygiene products and food. 

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Thank You Ocean Spray!

Without the generosity of our proud sponsors and donors, Hope for Children would not be the organization it is today. That is why we are thanking Ocean Spray for their generous contributions to Hope for Children Intl.

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