HCI'S Response to COVID-19

Hope for Children is currently taking steps to provide less privilaged people and children with necessary food items and ppe during this pandemic. The current lockdown of most countries leaves these groups of people vulnerable to the pandemic. Join HCI by donating to our cause !!!

To the Orphanage

* Due to the current situation of the world today, we at HCI are making big efforsts to help support orphanges in Aba,Nigeria.



* HCI is donating food and face masks to orphanages to help prevent the  spread of covid-19 amongst orphans.



* HCI will always stand by their pride in helping less privilaged children around the world.  

Orphanage Visit donating supplies


Latest News

Gillette Stadium Volunteers

HCI volunteers at Gillette stadium at Foxboro to generate funds for local and international projects that aid our goal. Join HCI to help raise funds by volunteering with us. Contact Mr. Victor at nwavic0@gmail.com for more information.

Nigerian School Project (International):

Volunteers are currently needed more than ever for our Nigerian School Project. We are asking for volunteers to get involved in putting a school curriculum together and raising money so that we can build a school on a 20-acre plot of land in Osun State, Nigeria.

Anti bullying campaign

HCI ran an anti bullying campaigne summer-fall of 2019. We reached out to the community and spread the word about bullying in public places and schools. Join us to help spread the word that bullying hurts.

HCI delivers Uniforms and other School supplies to Elementary

We at HCI are continuing our school projects in Nigeria. This fall we have donated school supplies to Aba-owerri road primary school in Nigeria

To the poor Widows

78% of widows say that becoming a widow is one of the hardest things to happen to them. Having to deal with life after already being married and set goals with a spouse is a big problem. Decisions  such as to maintain the home, planing for the childrens future, and financial stability are challenges that the widows face. This is a period of adjustment and the widows can experience powerful emotions and uncertainty of family stability.


* HCI is donating food items and relief materials to some widows who have been hit hard during the present coronavirus pandemic.

Donating Items to Widows in Need


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